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About the app

What is KidTracker?

We are pleased to present you our new KidTracker application dedicated to all parents who care about their children’s safety. Regardless of whether your child is at school, spending time with his/her friends or on holidays, in real-time you can check his/her location, mean of transport or even his/her mobile battery charge level.

For whom did we create the app.

Who is Kidtracker for?

KidTracker is an application we created for parents and their children bearing in mind our experience as well as discussions we had in order to assess the needs of modern families.

Today, when the new technologies experience their heyday, we are mindful of the fundamental values arising from the fact of having a family. KidTracker helps to combine nowadays’ benefits with the need to counter threats. Because isn’t it the very gist of conscious parenthood?

Choose the best package for you


Take opportunity of the extended package! Full access to apps without limit:

  • Access to application panel also via www;
  • Possibility to pair unlimited number of mobile devices (children);
  • Unlimited number of users of KidTracker Parent app. One app can be used by your entire family: you, the other parent, grandparents, baby-sitter, etc.;
  • Access to 30-day history of localization;
  • Easy to use, no ads;

From 4 PLN per month* you can enjoy safety that Premium Kidtracker has to offer to you and your family. Test free of charge and check our little helper in the everyday challenges encountered by your child.

*in 12 month term


Prices of packages:

1 month: 13,79 zł gross
3 months: 27,80 zł gross
6 months: 41,40 zł gross
12 months: 55,30 zł gross

Download the app entirely for free

Download the application

If you want to start using our applications, please install on the parent’s phone KidTracker Parent and on child’s device KidTracker Child and follow the instructions.

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